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Glennys notes - 13/4/2020

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Due to this awful virus ‘ the world over ‘ we are not able to get all those things done we as pigeon fanciers would have been doing ; But having said all of that ; we can still talk via modern day tech ; so I will endeavour ‘ to write a few things down about our A I W and our pigeons both in war and todays racing and show scene ;  Again not much is happening ‘ for the racing side of things but if we can think back of all the great good animals and pigeons have done for our nation ‘’ it all emerges into an incredible story ; For instance’ did you no that during the 2nd world war  homing carrier pigeons ‘ really did save this country perhaps saved the whole world ; Yes that is true ; let me tell you why I say this for ;  Hitler and his Nazis made two missiles projectiles ; the first the world had ever encountered ; the V 1 and V2 rockets it was with the help of the underground French, Belgium & Dutch got messages via secret agents with homing carrier pigeons ; we in this country found out where the missile sites were based ; this led the way for our bombers to bomb those sites ; also Hitler was making heavy water ; again the underground got messages back to this country via homing carrier pigeons ; But it doesn’t end there pigeons were used by the R A F bomber command ; every-time a bomber went on a mission over Germany two or three pigeons went with them ; and if a plane had to ditch into the sea ; pigeons were let go with messages where said plane went down ; Countless lives were saved ; by the carrier pigeon ; And most armies round the world used carrier pigeons ; Also to this very day carrier pigeons could be used for secret coded messages ; as you can track a radio a mobile  phone – but you can’t track a carrier pigeon with a secret coded message ?. also some councils in this country use pigeons to check for pollution in the air over large cities; They attach a devise onto the backs of pigeons which registers pollution as they fly over the city ; keep safe Glenny.