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Glennys Notes 26/4/2020

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Both myself and the president Terry Phifer often have a chat over the phone or via e-mail always have a laugh even in such times as these ‘’ with this awful virus ‘’ The fact of the matter is we have to carry on ‘’ when it all goes away ‘’ it is like a silent war everyone is in’ fighting against the unseen enemy ‘’ and it is taking its toll ; if it wasn’t for our pigeons we would all be in an even worse situation ‘’ at least we have things to occupy ourselves with ‘ During war and conflict for the animals must have been terrible as many horses mules Donkeys died of disease ; some made it through the 1st world war only to be killed to feed people after the war was over as there was little or no food available ‘ Quite often homing carrier pigeons were shot on sight by the enemy for their secret messages ‘ then ended up in the roasting dish ; We have a great deal to be thankful for with our animal friends ‘ Dogs are still used on the front line by the army to search out road side bombs arms dumps munitions ; saving many soldiers’ lives in places like Iraq  Afghanistan Bosnia Malaya ; in the trenches on the western front dogs were used for cable laying’’ carrying messages’’ helping with the Red cross’ also for pulling machine guns about’ also to clear rats from the trenches’ and were regimental mascot dogs ‘ the three pictures are of a plaque to a I w  small monuments at different locations to animals that have fallen on the field of battle alongside our brave service men and women.  Stay safe Glenny.

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