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Glennys Notes & Pics - 24/5/2020

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Glenny News & Pictures:


On the 26th May till the 4th June 1940 an epic part of the 2nd World War happened Vice Admiral Bertram Ramsay planned operation Dynamo with Churchill; when hundreds of little boats crossed the channel to Dunkirk and they along with the Royal Navy brought back off the beaches 388.000 British, French & Belgium soldiers who were facing an enormous defeat to the advancing German army. In the skies the German Airforce were causing havoc on the beaches at Dunkirk for our soldiers, the R A F were doing their very best to ward off the German bombers. We remember what our Army, Navy, Airforce and civilian crews on those little boats did to bring our people back here to the UK, since then there has been Korean War; Kenya Emergency, Suez Crisis, Malaya, Aden, the troubles; Falklands War; The Gulf, Bosnian war; Kosova ; Global terrorism Afghan war Iraq war in 2011 –during the 20th century estimated 187.000,000 people have died because of war and conflict the world over, that’s one hundred and eighty seven million people too many, have died because man can’t get along with one another. We are facing this terrible virus and under lockdown now at least us pigeon fanciers have our racing pigeons to see too and now that we are allowed to train our pigeons’’ and maybe in the following weeks be able to have a few races I did say maybe. Whilst speaking with fancier from Belgium, they had started training off their wagon and are to race from Quievrain shortly, they have to follow the 2 meter social distancing rules and regulations. They sent 59 crates of pigeons so there you go if we all abide by Government rules and regulations, we all should be okay to have our hobby / sport. I had my first trainer from Caldbeck Fell about twelve miles away one missing, they all came late and were broken up, I think that tells me Mr. Peregrine wants fed until we meet again stay safe Glenny.

Pictures: Old prize card and War Pigeon Cards items to A I W and Dickins medal won by Tommy blue cock, during 2nd world war.

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