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17/05/2020 8:15 am  

news with Glenny: pictures this week of a yellow Labrador; a few of my pigeons. lovely horse called William


It’s always a terrific thing when animals once again can help humans; yes some Dogs can track different viruses; like malaria, cancer and possibly corona virus. These Dogs can sniff  out where the virus is on humans and are to be used at airports to find out who has the virus. Believe me readers; animals and our homing pigeons give us humans back a lot more than what some realize. Pigeons can also be used to track pollution in the air above cities as well as race and shows also you cannot track a pigeon, but you can track a mobile phone or radio waves from a radio set. Homing pigeons and dogs are still massively important to this day in so many different ways. We could also use dogs to sniff out the virus in care homes or anywhere really; they could or will be a massive help a game changer. Oh well readers it was Wednesday 13th May when we the pigeon fraternity learned that we were allowed to start training our pigeons; we call it Freedom Wednesday; but not sure when racing our pigeons can start; as we all no it’s all up to government when these sort of restrictions can be lifted; we all follow the governments

Advice on this important situation the whole country finds itself in. I still think myself to put safety for everyone first and foremost; when the science says we are safe to do more and then lockdown can be lifted; then we can move forwards for what it is worth that’s my opinion. I would hate to think that I had passed the virus onto someone else? people have different views and opinions; whatever I hope this virus can P## off; and people can get back to normality, with so many innocent lives having been lost. These are real people in this awful pandemic with 34,466 people up till today which is 16/5/20 having died. Like to thank Judith and Janice with their lovely horse called William in this week’s pictures as horses just like William were used to pull cannons in the 1st world war. Until we meet again stay safe keep the faith Glenny.

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