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Glennys notes - 18/6/2020

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Pleased to see old friend John Turner and partner Tania flying very well in Ireland in the NIPA result again being 32nd sec 143rd open against thousands of pigeons ‘ they fly the Karl Hermans x Vandenabeele  pigeons on the widowhood system’ I have also been chatting with good fiend Miranda de Jong of Belgium she did well last week with her young widowers ‘ as they are allowed to race their young birds and yearlings alongside the older racers; mostly widowhood over there. She was 18th open with a youngster widower against 1149 birds not bad flying at all. At the moment its very hot and humid around this neck of the woods so haven’t been training of late; thundery weather not good for pigeons and training or racing really, but we will be sending to Stainmore with the Solway federation this coming weekend let’s hope the weather can hold and everyone keep healthy and safe until we meet again -Glenny

Glenny pictures of the blue cock of Turner and Calder of Ireland flying very well again with their Herman Causter’s, David Lofthouse at Copeland NWPA club house last year, also picture of Miranda-de-Jong with her dog Loana holding her young widower.

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