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Glennys Notes - 20/5/2020  


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Glennys Notes
Miranda de Jong from Belgium sent a few pictures of her pigeons. They are also starting to train their pigeons Miranda was training with her young birds first today then from Lebbeke which is 25 miles away’ with her widowers. Keeping 2 meters distance apart and wearing face masks etc when putting birds on the truck. This is 19/5/20. I would think it will be the same in most countries keeping 2 meters apart and it will take time to get birds into racing baskets. From what Miranda was saying birds are put into baskets already on wagon; no fanciers are allowed too have a chat but just go back home; not to meet up or anything. Which must be said is the right way; if we want to have a chat, we can send a message or go onto phones. I think if we can understand the importance of keeping out of the way; and then going straight back home; it is all common sense really. We all must remember the general, public will be watching how we get on with things; and if we make a mess of it all well, we won’t be training or racing or anything. I would say guidelines have to be put in place, especially for fancier OAP’s and people with underlying health issues. I would suggest perhaps two or three fanciers could put birds into race panniers keeping the required distance apart; payment for birds could be by cheque handed over in an envelope weekly or monies put into envelope and left on your baskets; clocks ready set to take away; put onto your basket keeping distance from each other; and ring birds and basket birds outside in open air. These kind of guide lines are not hard to follow and reduce the chances of people catching the virus, it’s all down to us to use common sense ‘ I’m sure we can all manage without any kind of stupidity, pigeon people are far cleverer than all of that. Its these politicians at the very top that need to start thinking properly need to come back down to planet earth kind of thing’ oh well readers it’s all up to us; but we stay safe and keep the faith Glenny.
Glenny pictures this time of Miranda-de-Jong’s pigeons of Belgium' young and old and some badges I have collected.

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