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Glennys Notes 27th July

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It was interesting to learn that old friend ‘ Paul Kelly of London got his good hen from the Pau BICC national race and looks like being 3rd open what a great performance once again by a truly great fancier and pigeon ‘well done Paul’’  Also well done to B Fitzsimmons for another top performance in the n f c race from over the channel up to Whitehaven and to Alan Graham &co also doing well up this way with the N F C. Then more locally news that P Kirky Kirkwood had another tremendous race from Cheltenham with his Franz Zwol’s pigeons has to be said ‘ must be one of the best middle distance flyers in the country .

Oh well then readers ‘ that’s it for the old birds for fellside members ; now the fun begins with the young birds ; we were training off the trailer on Sunday 19/7/20 from Appleby it was a steady chuck for them ; and managed to get them all back ; the next trainer is from brough about 40 miles or so with the trailer and Brampton flyers ‘ Old friend P O Conner from Coleraine N/I phoned to say he got the hen I bred him from the Bude race was second bird back to his loft ‘ he was well pleased with the blue hen ; If I’m still in the land of the living we are going to swap a few y/birds next year ‘ we might meet up at the Blackpool show or the old comrades  show all depends on the health? Until we meet again stay safe Glenny.

27/07 news with Glenny

This is 27/7/20 and it’s raining again outside ‘ so I kept all the birds in today ‘ The team of y/birds have had quite a few trainers now’ and are slowly but surely learning the  game ‘ These short notes are designed with the new starter in mind ; So as we gently proceed with our youngsters bearing in mind that they are just that;; young birds ;; We don’t won’t to burn our youngsters out ‘ altogether ; we learn our birds to come back home to their feed ; but not starving our pigeons ‘’ some youngsters that mess about at the home end when called inn from a trainer ‘’ they will go through a difficult time because ; they too have to learn to come inn when called in ‘’ if they don’t come inn they have to miss that meal ;  You will find they soon learn ‘ that when you call them down it is to have their feed ‘ once that is installed into them we can move on and with exercise periods getting a bit longer round our lofts ‘’ we can start training them from short distances ‘’ making sure there ready for their evening meal ‘ not starving but hungry’’ I generally take them too times from 6 miles them two at 10 miles on the line of flight ; I go out to a place called Penrith which is about 20 miles away ‘’ and usually stay there ‘’ from that training area ‘’ often they will beat you home when ‘’ they do this they are at least learning ‘’ the road home’’i often get my birds inn with a seed mix I prepared myself ‘’ its rice you can buy from most super stores this I mix with linseed which you get from pet shops ‘’ budgie seed also from pet shop and hemp seeds ; once they get the sweet taste of these seeds ‘’ they look for it on arrival every time you get them inn its there for them ‘’ Once all the y/birds are inn we them can feed them there daily mix ‘ with a little olive oil sprinkled onto their corn put into troughs ; we keep the corn clean we change their water two three times a day ; this year I built a cage and put it onto front of y/birds loft ; I attached a trough with clean water this I daily change ; they drink out of the trough just as much as there drinker ;  I made the cage so it looks like a crate ; so they now no for sure what a drinking trough is and a crate is ; the new starter could also make the same thing and attach to front of loft ; once they start to drink from the trough through the cage wires ; this is very important for latter life ‘’ oh well readers I chatted with two old friends Paul O Conner of Coleraine  Ireland the other day there ; Paul is sending his birds to the ST MALO National so good luck Paul ‘’ and Steve Alan from Gretna is sending to RIEMS with the S N F C ‘ so the very best of luck to both these great guys’’ and I hope these short notes gets the new starter on the road ; to a little bit success until we meet again stay safe share the love ‘’ Glenny.

Glenny pictures this time of Irthing valley and Brampton & Dist. members; and my mates Shetland ponies. and top flyer Peter Kirky Kirkwood. holding one of his combine winners. 👍👍

pictures this time of some lovely birds feeding -rice mix, trough on cage; roses coming out and front of young bird - loft with cage.