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Glennys notes - 28062020

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This is 20/6/20 and it’s been a really nice day up this way. We were training this week along with the Solway Federation from Stanmore, it was a quick affair liberated 10 am back 10.40am to Brampton flyers. Members were saying most birds got back okay with a few going past my friend from Canonbie Alan Bell got all of his birds back and was pleased with them. I myself have two yearlings missing so there you go got 18 out of 20 this week, so we will see if they are back in the morning. The Copeland NWPA were racing from Wollaston with 11 members sending 231 birds for this 166 miles race lib 8-15 am south wind taking the red card Pears Pears and Henderson on 1773 2nd and 3rd to Alan Graham & Co on 1771-3and 1770-9 Jim Moreau in 4th on 1757 David Lofthouse 5th-6th on 1752-2 and 1752-1 so well done to everyone who sent this weekend. Its Sunday morning got one more back from race and got one back from Lymm I lost two weeks ago a red cock thin as paper’ and a hole in his wing “by you know who” but he has got home, was thinking of taking the youngsters for a chuck but the wind has got up and rain about so will leave it till tomorrow oh well then readers good luck in the races and keep safe Glenny

Today is the 26/6/20 and this weekend we are racing alongside the Solway Federation from Wetherby One of Staf Stevenson’s pigeons of Morcombe came into my loft recently I phoned Staf up he was here for his pigeon very next morning. It had got mixed in with pigeons coming up this way from the race at the weekend. We had a good old chat about our feathered friends and past years within the pigeon game. Staf used to be a steel erector and worked all over the country an amazing fellow it was good crack un all, told him to call in anytime he is in the area also knows Alan Martin of Penrith often calls to see him Staf flies his pigeons on the roundabout system and has had his share of success ‘ unfortunately a big fox got into his loft last year and killed a lot of his pigeons and it terrified them, it had got into his loft through a sputnik trap so there you go readers keep your eyes peeled you can never tell with predators like foxes, mink, stoats or cats with sputnik traps or open lofts they are so quick into your loft. Only a few weeks ago I had a sparrow hawk in my loft in seconds good job I was there at the time otherwise it could have been an awful sight? Got word that the Copland NWPA from race from Tewkesbury got cancelled because of bad weather. The fellside fed birds were at Wetherby we the members basketed up at club room Brampton using gloves and masks and kept a safe distance also a screen was used between ringing and marking for safety reasons, have to say considering it was raining on and off at the marking things went fairly well. The Solway pigeons at Wetherby were liberated at 10-15 am on sat 27/6/2020 in a south east wind Joe Simpson wins the Brampton and Dist race a full result to follow, members were saying there are a few birds adrift from this race. This is Sunday morning 28/6/20 and it is pouring down, feel sorry for birds trying to get back today but they will be able to get a drink that’s for sure, also sometimes they get back home on wet days like this.

Pictures 28062020 - L Mcckluskey then J Simpson winner of this week’s race then me then Nigel Webster sec Brampton and Irthing valley Fellside fed members until we meet again stay safe Glenny

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