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Glennys Notes 5th July

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News with Glenny

The members of Brampton and Dist. this week are sending to Worksop along with the Solway federation ; basketing on Sunday night ‘ for a Monday race ‘ I will be sending a few for a bit interest ‘ well this is now Sunday 5/7/20 and it is very windy outside today so I have kept my birds in ‘, fed them up for the day ‘ as I’m sending to the Worksop race ‘ There is one thing I have picked up on in the great game of pigeon racing ; it does not matter whether you win anything or not its still great to have a crack with the members ‘ our members are spot on guys ‘ who all do something to help there club ‘ Have to say the weather  up this way is not good for pigeon racing ‘ the wind factor can push pigeons well of course ; and into wires ‘  so  we keep an eye on this sort of thing in pigeon racing’ Also there has been quite a bit of interest shown in the pictures I put in the pigeon press about the soldiers seats ‘ which I took photos of in Gretna south Scotland ; specially there size and structure to detail with soldiers pigeon in centre or dove bird of peace and poppies really well made as well ; I can also tell our readers we the animals in war group have had some more medals made to honour those animals and pigeons of war ; I will put one on show in the next edition of this fine paper ; with editors permission of course ‘ also it was good to have a chin wag recently with old friend D Dowell chairman of East Cumbria federation ; although I don’t race in the East Cumbria federation anymore ; I still often have a chat with some of my old pals within it ; so to all pigeon flyers who are sending to a race this weekend I wish you well good luck and keep the faith Glenny.

pictures this time of loft A Berwick and Co ' Robert Burns Scotland’s famous poet auld lang syne, one of local monuments in south Scotland, N Webster lib pigeons few years back and Kerry's hen at my place.