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Glennys Notes 8th July

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news with Glenny 


Hi there readers how are you all this week ; did you have a good race this weekend or on the Monday as we did over this way ; the race for fellside members ‘was alongside the Solway federation birds ‘’ from Worksop ‘’ were liberated at 8-00-00 am on 6/7/20 into a west wind

Returns to some lofts were good whilst others lost a few ‘’ the winning partnership of the Simpson bros of Brampton and Dist.  clear winners this week so well done to them ‘ The Irthing valley r p c result from Worksop flown on 6/7/20-- 6 sending 91 birds west wind lib 8-00-00 am  1st and 2nd to Simpson bros with a blue pied widower cock on 1063 also blue cock widower on 1062 -3rd 4th 5th to S  J Bell with two blue hens and a blue cock on 1035-1025-1020 6th also to Simpson bros on 1019 7th S Baker with a dark cock on 1008 8th L McCluskey on 961 9th 10th J Simpson on 933 and 868 11th 12th 13th S Glencross on 866-798-734   thanks to S Bell for bringing results over ‘ I had a chin -wag with old pal Joe Thomlinson who along with Brian Banks have been flying well again this year  over at Cleator Moor ‘ he was saying he was going to his hairdresser ‘ for a haircut because of the lockdown and one thing and another hasn’t  been far ; he says looks like one of the Beatles ‘ we always have a laugh does me and Joe –such a fella ‘’ it’s all good fun in this column you no readers .‘’ also chatting to old friend G Wilson of Currock Carlisle ; like myself Geoff enjoys his pigeons just likes to see them come home ‘ not bothered whether he wins or is last just enjoys waiting and watching for them on a race day or a trainer also likes to show his birds as well ; nice to have a crack with gentlemen such as those mentioned above until we meet again stay safe Glenny.

pictures this time of S Bell's y/birds loft sect friends horse molly'' castle remains-- pigeon medal - G Grant of Gretna flying very well again this season.