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news with Glenny 


On the 9th July I went over to Copeland NWPA  and sent two cocks to the Carentan N W G N race ; have to say there a great group of flyers there ‘ had a chat with Andrew Berwick’s partners there from a safe distance ‘’ they also had sent a few to the national race ‘ so we are hoping for a good race ‘also I must mention that on the 10/7/20 marks the day that 80 years ago was the battle of Britain when Churchill  made his famous speech after the battle against a far larger air force ; never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few; this all happened on the 10th July 1940 during that summer Britain brave fighter pilots ; went up into the skies and faced overwhelming German air force equally as brave many on both sides giving the ultimate sacrifice ‘  I have included drawings of two very important commanders sir Hugh Dowding air marshal of fighter command during the Battle and General Montgomery of El Alamein and book of the pigeon signal s special section; the pictures were drawn by my brother W C Glencross and given to our A I W group ‘ oh well then readers ‘ the Brampton and Dist. members sent there birds to Newark this week ‘ I sent three to this race also ‘’ just for a bit of interest’’ the Brampton flyers are also a great bunch and have to say all dedicated fanciers ‘ a full result from both clubs to follow ‘ the Carentan race turned out a hard affair  ‘ news filtered through top fanciers Joe & Brian Fitzsimmons  did very well and old pals A Berwick and partners getting birds on the Saturday afternoon round about the 17-00-00 pm mark after a 16-45-00 am liberation some members like myself getting birds early next morning from this hard race’ so really well done to all who sent .

Brampton and Dist. from Wetherby on 27/6/20 6 sent 97 birds s wind 1st-2nd-3rd to J J Simpson on 1708 -1697-1685 with two  pied cocks and a blue hen 4th-5th S J Bell on 1663-1653 6th to Simpson bros on 1645 at the Worksop race on 6-7-20 6 sent 91 birds west wind lib 8-oo-oo am 1st -2nd Simpson bros with two widowers on 1063-1062 3rd-4th-5th to S J Bell on 1035-1025-1020 6th Simpson bros on 1019. so well done to Simpson bros 

Brampton and Dist. Newark race 11/7/20-- 6 sent 84 birds WNW wind  lib 7-00-00 am 1st to S J Bell with a blue Vandenabeele hen on 1207 2nd J J Simpson with a red cock on 1192 3rd L McCluskey  with a blue cock on 1191 4th Simpson bros on 1188 5th -6th S J Bell on 1160-1132  a few birds a drift members were saying . until we meet again good luck in the races Glenny.

pictures this time of the Solway federation convoyer then' Hughie Gray and his good lady and Terry Phifer and Barry of the Copeland club with face shields and masks & gloves on and a pigeon wanting a drink on BBC tv