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Glennys Pic's - 21/5/2020  


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21/05/2020 10:57 am  

Glennys Notes / Pic’s

Hi readers I had the good fortune to get a few pictures at Gordon Grants loft of Gretna recently 2 meters away. Have to say what a brilliant set up Gordon has really peaceful place with monuments for his gardens everywhere. He fly’s a really good national pigeon as well’ having won again last year in one of the S N F C races. I had the honour of handling his latest national winner a really nice long cast pigeon and very strong in the hand a dark cheq pied cock, out of birds from T Gilbertson of Carlisle lines. While I was in Gretna, I noticed some really striking seats to remember the 1st World War beside another famous monument to the Gretna ladies munitions workers, so I got hold of me camera and took a few pictures for this column. Glenny.

Been sent picture of what Miranda de Jong club of Albrecht of Belgium are doing it is difficult she was saying but they are starting racing from Quiverain this weekend I think she said, they have had a few trainers all together off wagon, so there you are? All the best Glenny.
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