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Anyone lost a pigeon yellow & blue tag

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Hi we have a pigeon in our back garden in orrell which appears to be lost green neck and yellow and blue or green tag is eating and flying ok

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Hello and sorry for the delay in getting back I had an update of my configuration which seemed to totally confuse my laptop. 

With regards the pigeon thankyou for taking an interest and registering on the site its much appreciated. Without seeing the bird its difficult to tell what type of pigeon it is, there are a wide variety of domesticated pigeons. If its a racing pigeon then the rings on it legs could be its life ring which helps us identify its owner, it may also have an electronic timing ring / race identification ring. Some owners also use name / contact rings that could well have a telephone number on. 

Unless the pigeon is contained its difficult to do anything with it however domesticated racing and show pigeons can be extremely tame.

Please if you want anymore information please let us know.

Kind Regards

Terry Phifer