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Electronic Ring Transfer now live  


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10/04/2019 6:31 pm  

Just a note to inform members that the Electronic Ring Transfer system is now live on the website and will make it easier for members to transfer their pigeon rings. Please note in order to use the system the Vendor MUST provide two valid email address... his/her own and that of the New Owner.

If you cannot do this then please use the standard transfer form from the Downloads link.

After a member submits the transfer request he/she will receive an email with all the details and also the new owner will receive an email confirming the transfer and as stated in Rule 55 the pigeon ring(s) in question can be raced or shown after 14 days.

If there are any issues with Rings the Secretary will be in touch.

Feedback on the system will be very welcome.

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05/07/2019 10:11 am  

We’re can I find the online ring transfer 🙉

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05/07/2019 7:59 pm  


please go to the downloads header on the top menu, then select - ring transfer form, then select electronic ring transfer form.

Please note that the full ring number must be used ie. nwhu2019z1234 and not forgetting the I'm not a robot box at the bottom. 

Hope this helps.

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Nick Barran
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08/07/2019 9:55 pm  

Hi Terry,

Hope you're well.

For the life of me, I can not find my union number!!!!

Can you email it to me please.

I'm trying to transfer some rings electronically !!!! all good fun!!!

Kind regards

Nick Barran

Nick Barran
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10/07/2019 7:06 pm  

Thanks Terry, you're the best secretary ever.