Copeland NWPA: Charnock Richards 13/4/2019  


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14/04/2019 10:15 pm  
Copeland NWPA Result: 
Thank goodness that's the first one out of the way mind it was a fast one to blow the cobwebs away it was sunny it was fast the only thing it wasn't was warm, that east wind whether north or south is still a very cool wind.
10 members sent 224 birds to Charnock Richard off at 12.00 noon in a south eastly wind.  
Off to a flying start is David Lofthouse and co taking the first 3 on 1977, 1970 & 1942 ypm, Alex & John Maudling takes 4th and the healthy winner takes all nom pot on 1940 ypm. Alan & Gavin Graham and Paul Byers rounded off the scoring in 5th & 6th on 1914 & 1911 ypm. Also on the Clock was Pears, Pears & Henderson and Martin Mingins
I want to extend a was a warm welcome to the clubs newest member Steve Glencross all the way from Carlisle, it was a good to see you Steve. 

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