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Copeland NWPA Tewkesbury 4/5/2019  


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06/05/2019 2:15 pm  

Copeland NWPA: Tewkesbury 4/5/2019 saw 9 members send 105 birds (now got to say sorry double counted somewhere lads & lasses Friday I had 131 birds going but to be fair I wasn’t there and must of wrote the wrong number down I know back to school more maths homework needed). Right on to the result, 9 members sent their birds between 182 – 193 from Tewkesbury to the wonderful wilds of West Cumbria. Well what can you say about close finishes other than they don’t get much closer than this one over these distances in a head wind. Congratulations to David Lofthouse whose birds seem to be on form of late he takes the red card on 1208.918, he also takes 4th and 6th on 1203.3, 1199.0 ypm. Ian & Denise Woods were just pipped into 2nd on 1208.893 and they take 3rd on 1205. I’m sure taking the nom pot will help lessen blow for Ian and Denise. Lawrence Tinnion kept his hand in the cards taking 5th on 1200, also on the clock Joe & Brian Fitzsimmons, Alex & John Maudling and Rodgers & Benn. Well done all it was another testing and race.