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Copeland NWPA - Wollaston 20/6/2020

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Copeland NWPA at Wollaston saw 11 members send 231 birds flying between 152 - 166 miles for members sent. Birds liberated 8.15 in southerly wind. A fast race was on the cards with Pears, Pears and Henderson leading the way this week on 1773, Alan Graham & Co takes 2nd & 3rd spots on 1771.3, 1770.9. Jimmy Moreau is in the cards again in 4th on 1757. David Lofthouse had to settle for 5th & 6th on 1752.2 and 1752.1. Alan Graham and Co can feel a bit better after taking the very healthy winner take all nom. Alex & John Maudling just missed out on the cards. Also on the clock Lawrence Tinnion, Joe & Brian Fitzsimmons, Ian & Denise Woods, Graham Best and Andrew Berwick & Co. Well done everyone, I think a few may have over shoot their mark.