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Copeland NWPA - Worcester 28/4/2019  


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06/05/2019 2:13 pm  

Copeland NWPA: Worcester 28/4/2019 saw 10 members send 142 birds flying between 168 – 185 miles up into this week bit wild and wonderful West Cumbria. Well that was a hard one, and it a well done to for taking the red card to Alan, Gavin Graham and Paul Byers, on 1056, they also took 6th on 1017. Alex & John Maudling had a good one in 2nd on 1051. David Lofthouse had to settle for 3rd and 4th this week on 1050.37, 1050.31 however taking the winner takes all nom pot made him smile. Lawrence Tinnion showed his hand in his first race with the club this year taking 5th on 1021, others on the clock Joe & Brian Fitzsimmons, Graham Best, well done everyone on a difficult day.