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Statement by Terry Phifer NWHU President

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NWHU Statement to clarify RPRA - NWHU Ring Registration
The actions of the RPRA in demanding that their own membership that intend to show or race NWHU life rung birds under RPRA rules must register such rings and pay a levy of 30p per ring by the 1st April 2019 is entirely an internal issue between the management and governing council of the RPRA and its membership. This action is not directly directed at the NWHU as an organisation but at the RPRA members that hold NWHU rung birds. Please note registration with the RPRA does not provide proof of ownership nor act as a transfer, proof of ownership and transfers can only be obtained / enacted by the issuing union which is the North West Homing Union. NWHU rung birds that are intended to race under NWHU rules only do not have to be registered with the RPRA nor pay the levy.

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Thanks to our President for stating the Facts.  However, this registration will affect all NWHU members who race in RPRA clubs, as the vast majority of NWHU members are also members of the RPRA and race under RPRA rules.

IMO members should complete their ring registration form and put them in the Post to the RPRA by Royal Mail on March 28th (use a first class stamp)

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Let`s hope the RPRA treat NWHU rings as RPRA rings and notify owners and finders of stray pigeons unlike the RPRA actions with foriegn rung pigeons registered with them from Belgium, Holland, Germany etc;

After all this is their justification for charging the levy on NWHU rings.