Full Electronic Timing System (ETS) Rules download  Here     (contained in 2022 Rules)

NWHU_Electronic timing systems rules

1: Electronic timing system (ets) can be used to record times of birds providing the organisation has the equipment and the officials are willing to use it.

2: ETS must be fitted within the loft.

3: Permanent records are to be retained by the club.

4: Only versions of ets approved by council of nwhu are acceptable.

5: Access codes, electronic key and club systems must be authorised by the club.

6: Organisations must check the radio clock and ets has synchronised before marking. The radio clock must be used to set the clubs master timer (for conventional clocks).

7: The organisation has the right to inspect timing systems used.

8: ETS can only record the arrival time after the pigeon has entered the loft, not the traps or external fittings.

9: In the event of an escape, where required, other ets birds must have their official union i.d. Ring number recorded.

10: Assignment of allocation of ets rings to be carried out by authorised personnel 14 days before the first race on the federation programme.

11: Competitors names and race date to be recorded on all ets printouts, on race date and signed by clock setters and member.

12: No organisation can be made to use the ets nor provide the hardware and software for its use if there are no officials willing to administer its use.

13: No member is permitted to take part in the race marking / entry process of their own pigeons.

14: NWHU members be allowed to purchase their own chip rings from the manufacturers of ets that are approved by the nwhu only with the relevant receipt of authenticity being presented at their club to enable registration of rings with their nwhu loft number.

15: Operating procedures before, during and after races should be in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Responsibility for providing manufacturers instruction manual to the organisation rests with the owner of the ets.

16: The club or organisation has the power to retain any ets they consider doubtful.

17: Organisations that promote races may determine times when ets will be checked after timing birds (see clock rule 103)

18: The ets approved for use by the nwhu are as follows: benzing; bricon; mega; victory; tauris; tipes and unikon and all to be unives 1.7 protocol. Appendix 3 Clock Register The undermentioned clocks may continue to be used by their present owners provided they have been registered with nwhu secretary: They may not be sold. Loaned or disposed of for use by any other person other than the person registering: Alfred plasschaert 19 bird La ledoise 2 dial puncturing clock Jundes thexor 13 bird Racemaster in plastic case Benzing model one 9 bird Benzing 14 bird double roll Belgica 12 bird 3 dial Benzing comatic 27 bird Rotherham 6 bird Benzing model two Alfred plasschaert 13 bird Robert plasschaert 24 bird Skymaster