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Rubber Rings and Seals now include postage and the NWHU continue to offer value for money and a good and prompt service to meet all your clubs and members requirements.


Mr Robert Owen   (NWHU Vice President)
6 Ellerslie Avenue
Prescot, Merseyside L35 4QD

TEL 07933 068638

Monday to Friday 10:00 to 18:00 hrs
(EXCLUDING Bank and Public Holidays please)

If unavailable please leave a message or use the Contact Form above … thank you

NWHU Statement October  2020

Terry Dawber: Terry has been at home for a few weeks now, but his recovery is and will take some time and we all wish him a full recovery. The work he has done for and within the sport not only with the NWHU but also with the RPRA over his many, many, years of involvement in the administration of the sport is priceless. It is getting harder and harder to find people to take on these roles. I’m sure there are a fair few that would join me in thanking Terry for his contribution across all sectors of the sport.

Rob Owen is another rock of the sport and has stepped up to take on the day to day running of the NWHU and at such short notice ensured the transition minimised any disruption to the NWHU operations and services. Rob was mightily impressed by Terry Dawber’s record keeping and systems of work that demonstrated the quality of his administrative skills. A simple plea now Terry and his daughter Mandy are still getting calls has people naturally use their old contact details Now while he and his daughter are dealing with these calls it isn’t helping his recovery so please note and use the new contact details for the NWHU that can be found under Contact Us.

Meetings / gatherings: You do not need war and peace from us to tell you that despite what we say or our rules the rule of law and guidance issued by the devolved governments or direct from Whitehall will determine the limits and guidance for holding meetings / gathering. Also, it is vital that clubs, feds, and other organisations keep alert to any local lock down restrictions as these could change at short notice. Organisations wherever possible should make use of online capabilities Zoom, Teams or Skype for management committee meeting and for club meetings if possible. The use of email and / or text round robins are other methods of communication as is the telephone or if possible dial in conference calls again should be utilised to keep members informed and updated and for dealing with any developments within organisations. Unless your organisation / club owns the venue were meeting / gatherings are usually held any arrangements must be conducted in-line with any of the venue’s own limitations. We need to use the same level of cooperation and flexibility that has helped us get through the season during the closed season.

2021 Ring Reminder –Thinking about rings I would suggest you get your orders in early Please note that the only way to verify NWHU ring ownership is via the NWHU as the official issuing union, any other claims for or to verification of ownership by none issuing organisations are false and misleading.

Season to forget: Covid 19 a side it has been another particularly challenging season, the extra precautions, finding new ways of working. Once again it looks like young birds have had a particularly hard season with considerable losses being experienced. Birds of Prey? New communications bandwidths? clashing? what seems to be an ever-increasing list and types of Sickness? Or a combination of them all we may never know the answer. Does the sport need a different approach to racing I would say yes.

Positives – yes there have been positives to be taken from this season I believe organisations have found new ways of working, management committees have had to adopt to different ways of holding meetings. I would say that working from home has had a major impact on the way the NWHU works but it has always been that way. Members have once more shown how they can work together and help support each other with flexible and common-sense approach to application of rules. Rules must have a balanced approach by necessity. Are some of the ways we have had to work this season a mirror for the future?

Terry Phifer

North West Homing Union President

Please Remember – Hands – Face – Space

Electronic Ring Transfer System now available here

RPRA – NWHU Ring Registration
Important Members – General Notice / Reminder: The RPRA’s demand of its membership for the registration and Levy payment for NWHU rings is not a transfer scheme nor is it proof of ownership: transfers and proof of ownership can only be enacted / obtained from the NWHU as the issuing union.

Terry Phifer

President NWHU

Full correspondence between NWHU and the RPRA here

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