NWHU – Terry Dawber Update – 20/7/2020

Can I start by expressing our gratitude for the many kind words of support for Terry and get well messages from across the fancy, we’ve informed Terrys daughters and they are also very appreciative for them. Terry is showing signs of improvement, after complications with pneumonia and is heading in the right direction but his recovery is going to take some time.

Vice President Robert Owen has stepped up and will take on the NWHU secretary role. Please note the changes below for all future correspondence / communications.

A call divert service has been set up, however Terry’s daughter Mandy will help forward any mail until the new arrangement become widely embedded. On behalf of the management committee of the NWHU I would like to express our thanks to its members and the wider fancy for your support and patience during this unfortunate situation.

Terry Phifer

North West Homing Union President

Please Remember – Stay Alert – Control the Virus – Save Lives

20th July 2020 – New contact details

Mr Robert Owen   (NWHU Vice President)
6 Ellerslie Avenue
Prescot, Merseyside L35 4QD

TEL 07933 068638

Monday to Friday 10:00 to 18:00 hrs
(EXCLUDING Bank and Public Holidays please)

If unavailable please leave a message or use the Contact Form above … thank you


NWHU Secretary – Terry Dawber – 14/7/2020
I Received an urgent email requesting I contact Terry Dawber’s daughter last night, who informed me that Terry after a fall at home has been admitted to hospital for assessment. Terry already had a chest infection and has acquired another while under assessment which has complicated matters, so doctors have advised his family he is to remain in hospital. First and foremost, we wish Terry a speedy and full recovery and our thoughts are with his family at this worrying time. 

The management committee has been informed and steps have been taken to minimise any distribution to the membership and services provided.

Calls are being recorded and dealt with by Terry’s daughter Mandy and Vice President Rob Owen, any communications to the NWHU website will also be diverted to a new email address, an alternative telephone number is being established and a call divert service put in place. Please be patient while we manage this situation and be assured that the systems and support of the NWHU is still operational with minimum disruption for the membership. We ask members and the wider fancy to be patient while we deal with this unfortunate situation.

Terry Phifer

North West Homing Union President

Please Remember – Stay Alert – Control the Virus – Save Lives


NWHU – For the Fancier by the Fancier … July Statement by the President

Covid 19: at last it looks like this dreadful virus is on the decline, we do know though it’s not gone away, and it will be back in places and at some point in time. It has had a devastating impact on so many lives. We will all look to our scientists now to win the war with a vaccine or treatment programme that will help us against this invisible killer. With some restrictions being lifted its easy to fall back into the old normal ways of doing things however please remember that there are still some restrictions in place such as social distancing, there are still many people who are being shielded and have to take extra care. Please stay alert please be careful and please be safe.

 It is that time again – Strays : Throughout the year at the NWHU we get birds reported to us with all unions and associations life rings and it’s that time again when we see an increase in reported strays now racing has started and people are training / racing their young bird teams. The strays are reported by fanciers and non-fanciers alike now we always try and help as far as is possible to provide information to help get the birds repatriated no matter where they are from or what life ring they have. We are interested in helping fellow fanciers get their birds home and promoting the sport when there are non-fanciers involved.

The NWHU have several ways to report strays, starting with this web site.

Stray Reporting Page : There is a stray reporting page and form accessed from the top menu. Please if you use this facility ensure you enter the when possible the full life ring number. There is advice for non-fanciers to help them provide essential welfare for the bird(s) also contact information for the correct life ring union / association. For NWHU rings then there is a form to fill in to help provide the right information needed to get the bird back home. 

By Phone Please refer to the Contact Us on the header Menu : When reporting any birds over the phone please leave your name and a return number and the birds life ring number. Thankfully, you can phone the NWHU during the contact times as detailed and there is an answer service for out of hours also available under the Contact Us header is a form for leaving a note which can also be used communicate with us.

Email : You can email Terry Dawber direct postmaster@pigeonman17.plus.com

So, as you can see, we have a multi-layered approach to help deal with strays.

Stamp it, Address it / Tel No it : Now a couple of pleas to fanciers, please, please, please ensure you clearly wing stamp your birds, check that the telephone stickers you put your ETS rings are still there and readable, check that the telephone / address rings you put on are also still there, intact and readable. Most of all please enjoy your birds and the very best of luck to all racing.

Terry Phifer

North West Homing Union President

Please Remember – Stay Alert – Control the Virus – Save Lives

updated Covid-19 statement  Covid_Measures_May_2020   at 22/05/2020 

The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy 11052020

Update 9th May 2020Covid 19: has this pandemic continues with its deadly hold in the UK, Europe and around the globe our heartfelt condolences go out to those that have lost loved one’s be they family, partners or friends also to the families of front line key workers and their supports that have been taken by this ruthless virus. One of the positives and I know it can be difficult for some to find positives while this crisis continues to unfold, is the renewed sense of community the coming together of people, communities working together and helping each other.

Government and its legislation that is the law not Pigeon Unions edicts, yes, it’s the government that will determine when the fancy can begin its season, not the unions. The government outlines the social distancing requirements, limits on gatherings, what’s essential and non-essential travel, it will be the government that will allow public venues to open for business. What the many unions with the support of the wider pigeon fraternity can do is encourage all fanciers to comply with the legislation as laid down by these powers that be whether from Whitehall or the devolved parliaments.

Over the coming weeks the Government will start the process of lifting the lockdown restrictions which will hopefully allow us the opportunity to train and race our birds a lot will hinge on the PM’s address to the nation about the strategy going forward.

The New Normal

Once the season can start then its going to be a case of the new normal, one that will include the use of PPE, social distancing, new ways of working etc. Given the maturing nature of our membership across the whole sport then a fostering of the renewed community spirit will I’m sure prevail, clubs may well have to look to each other for help. Changes in the way results are received, use of smart phones, virtual meetings etc all will become part of the New Normal.  

There will be a need for new marking / basketing procedures, more work will fall on fewer heads as fellow fanciers will be required to remain in isolation because of age or underlining health issues. We will have to work together and be flexible in the application of existing constitutions, we need to adapt to the new normal.

Members wellbeing – loss of loved ones, lost of jobs or reduction of income the stress of lockdown all these issues will present themselves to members and their families. There is help, out there, people do want to help please keep an eye on each other.

Respect the differences: Understand there have are differences of option between some fanciers about the start of the racing this season. It is incumbent on us all to respect the rights of each other to choose what is right for the individual and what they wish to do. For the ones that want to wait until a vaccine is available or until next season be that for reasons, they hold dear, then that is your right and must be respected. The members that cannot wait to be getting down the road training and racing that is your right. We have to be respectful of each other’s stance and differing circumstances. While there will be ongoing debate, polarised divisions will only fuel more discord in the fancy so a plea to be tolerant and understanding of the rights of each to make their own decisions.

Finally- Boris what’s next?

Terry Phifer

North West Homing Union President

Coronavirus Covid-19 … March 2020
First and foremost let me just say that the North West Homing Union hopes that all members of the pigeon fraternity stay safe and well during the current crisis, it also extends a message of gratitude to all the frontline professionals that are once more stepping up and helping us through these testing times.
Given the changing nature of the current situation with regards the Coronavirus and evolving advice from the Government and scientific experts while I hope I’m wrong I think it is clear, that the country is preparing for difficulties and increased restrictions for at least the next 3 months. Which in turn would take us to end of June early July with regards potential restrictions on gatherings and on people with underlining health issues which will affect our ability to race. Also, clubs, pub’s and other public type venues that are the bed rock of a lot of club’s HQ’s have restrictions placed on them which will impact the availability of racing. While its hoped that this isn’t the case it is also doubtful that things will snap back to normal at the flick of a switch and precautions will still need to be taken with regards the elder sections of the population and those with underlining health issues for a time after the peak of the crisis has passed.
Its at times like this that we all need to pull together and despite whatever issues, and differences transcend across the sport a joint approach needs to be taken where ever possible in the best interests of firstly our members and their families and the public health and wellbeing.
Things that can help at times like this, and I know it can be difficult at time but helping our older members and those with underlining health issues get corn, if on allotments water or help with some of the more onus task’s around the lofts anything that would reduce their time at risk. Then small things like phoning people talking to them discussing what’s happening, giving people who may be facing isolation and time alone the chance to talk about what bring us together the birds be it racing or showing it really is good to talk.
Now I’m not an expert nor do I hold any medical qualifications however I think we should consider the following as precautions that may well help when and I repeat when the pressure and restrictions start to ease which they will in time.
Clubs and fanciers were possible look to combine resources for basketing and clocks.
Consider if you want to race or train, if training then birds don’t need to be transported as far minimising time in basket and transport nor may clocks need setting.
Also the following may help
Allow more time to basket the birds.
If ever there was a case for widespread any-age racing / training then I think the current situation answers that question.
Older members and those with underlining health issues should only be required to basket their birds & get their clock ready for collection for basketing / setting.
As a minimum of two people to set clocks / operate ETS systems.
Minimum of two people to act as basketeers – transferring birds from members baskets to training or race baskets.
All members as far as is practicable to wear gloves and minimise personal interactions.
To help keep interactions to a minimum allocate time slots for members to basket or present their birds for basketing.
Basket in the open air.
Please be patient and always think what is best for your fellow members and their families, this virus doesn’t have a conscience.
Now I know it will put more pressure and heap more work on even less people than normal, but needs must, and we all need to pull together which I believe is second nature to to the pigeon fraternity.
Please above all stay safe and healthy.
Terry Phifer
North West Homing Union President

NWHU President’s Statement – Pre Season

The racing season is fast approaching the days are getting longer and I’m with a lot of you willing the weather to improve. Is the buzz starting to build, are your plans starting to develop or like my own having to be rewritten, how’s the loft alternations working out? Are you trying a new system, bloodlines? For a lot the breeding season is over or almost, for others it may just be starting. Old bird training will be starting and your young hopefuls starting to get their bearings around the loft (I know heart in your hands time) Here’s a plea, please ensure old and young are clearly wing stamped or carry a telephone / address marker ring / ETS telephone sticker, it’s of upmost importance with the challenges the fancy is facing that we don’t add to them for the sake of providing contact details for our birds. Remember also you can use the online stray reporting available on this website.
Can’t really say what is going to develop with regards racing and the current Coronavirus crisis the NWHU will be keeping a watching brief on advice issued via the goverment and DEFRA. First and foremost, hopefully all you and your family and friends will stay safe and healthy while it runs its course which hopefully will be sooner rather than later.
Wishing all fanciers, the very best of racing for 2020 season and hope you reach your goals, milestones and targets but remember to enjoy it.

Electronic Ring Transfer System now available here

RPRA – NWHU Ring Registration
Important Members – General Notice / Reminder: The RPRA’s demand of its membership for the registration and Levy payment for NWHU rings is not a transfer scheme nor is it proof of ownership: transfers and proof of ownership can only be enacted / obtained from the NWHU as the issuing union.

Terry Phifer

President NWHU

Full correspondence between NWHU and the RPRA here

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