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NWHU President’s Statement – Pre season

NWHU Statement
With the season now starting to get under way and young bird teams getting kitted and may be ranging please remember to check wing stamps, address rings and telephone labels etc please ensure they are all clear and easy to read, don’t know about you but the old eye’s aren’t what they were and some wing stamps and labels can present a challenge.
Lets all hope for a good racing season that see’s you and your birds achieve those goals and dreams from the closed season. Best of luck to everyone and enjoy your birds and the sport.

Electronic Ring Transfer System now available here

RPRA – NWHU Ring Registration
Important Members – General Notice / Reminder: The RPRA’s demand of its membership for the registration and Levy payment for NWHU rings is not a transfer scheme nor is it proof of ownership: transfers and proof of ownership can only be enacted / obtained from the NWHU as the issuing union.

Terry Phifer

President NWHU

Full correspondence between NWHU and the RPRA here