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NWHU President’s Statement – Post Season

Now that the days are at their shortest and the temperature gauges drop some of our members may not be able to get about as easily as they do during the warmer summer months. Its a fact of life that we all mature yes time just keeps ticking, if you have older members in your clubs, on your allotments remember a call during the dark nights can mean a lot, help with going for feed or loft repairs / alternations could be a god send for them even if they find it hard to admit.
Keeping an eye out for the wildlife around us could also pay dividends during the warmer months, little things like breaking ice to allow the wild birds to drink can be a big help
I know a lot of you will be pairing and repairing your birds on paper or in your heads some may even be pairing up, you’ll be dreaming and setting targets for next season, bring in new bloodlines to try or sticking with your old favourite’s.
Here hoping that we all have a good closed season and can’t wait for the warmer months.

Electronic Ring Transfer System now available here

RPRA – NWHU Ring Registration
Important Members – General Notice / Reminder: The RPRA’s demand of its membership for the registration and Levy payment for NWHU rings is not a transfer scheme nor is it proof of ownership: transfers and proof of ownership can only be enacted / obtained from the NWHU as the issuing union.

Terry Phifer

President NWHU

Full correspondence between NWHU and the RPRA here